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Franklinton Area Commission Bylaws

As adopted October 13, 2020

These By-Laws / Rules of Procedure shall establish all proceedings under which the Franklinton Area Commission (hereafter “FAC) shall execute its duties and functions under the grant of authority set forth in Chapter 3109, 121, 3111 of the Columbus City Code and Columbus City Charter, Sections 60 and 61.

  1. Article I - Duties

    1. To review and recommend standards of the physical preservation and development and the psychological-sociological enhancement of the Franklinton area including but not limited to, public open space such as parks, sidewalks, streets or other public amenities.
    2. To recommend priorities for and review the efficiency of City services and department operations in the Franklinton area. The commission may:
      1. Request and receive from City departments or agencies periodic reports concerning City government services or practices in the Franklinton area.
      2. Upon request meet with the administrative heads of any City department or agency or any of their subordinates to obtain additional information deemed necessary for the Commission to fulfill its functions.
      3. Request and receive from City departments or agencies, prior to implementation, full reports on any proposed changes in service or practice in the Franklinton area, and recommend approval or disapproval of the proposed changes.
    3. Recommend nomination of members from the Franklinton area to City boards or Commissions that make decisions or recommendations affecting the Franklinton area.
    4. Review and evaluate pending legislation exclusively affecting the Franklinton area prior to its consideration by City Council.
    5. Regularly receive for review, comment, and recommendation, notices of all applications for rezoning, variances and other zoning adjustments, appeals and special permits submitted regarding property located wholly or partially within the Franklinton area. The Commission may meet with applicants or neighborhood groups to advise them of potential plans for the Franklinton area, how an applicant’s proposal relates to such plans, and offers suggestions for modification to the applicant’s proposal as deemed appropriate.
    6. Make recommendations for restoration and preservation of the historical significance of the area.
    7. Receive for review and recommendation prior to its adoption by the City of Columbus any new and revised comprehensive plans affecting wholly or partially the Franklinton area.
    8. The FAC shall not endorse any candidate for public office.
    9. To aid and promote neighborhood communications within the Franklinton Area.
    10. All expenditures shall be according to the Annual Budget.
    11. Promote the activities and existence of the FAC to the community and other groups throughout the city. Solicit participation in the FAC.
    12. Oversee the development of, and to maintain the FAC website.
  2. Article II - Boundaries

    Section 1 - Franklinton Area Boundaries

    The Franklinton Area Boundaries are: Starting at the northwest corner where the alley west of Schultz Avenue would, if extended, intersect the Scioto River, then South along said alley, crossing West Broad Street to a point where, if extended, said alley would intersect I-70; then South along I-70 to Central Avenue, South on Central Avenue to Mound Street, East on Mound Street to Mt. Calvary; then South on Mt. Calvary to the midpoint on Renick and Mt. Calvary Streets; then following the boundary of the City of Columbus first West, then South to Greenlawn Avenue; then North on Harmon Avenue to West Mound Street; then East along I-70, to the East bank of the Scioto River; then North and West along the Scioto River to the place of the beginning.

      Section 2 - Membership and Terms

      1. Membership of the FAC shall consist of twenty (20) members appointed by the mayor with the concurrence of Council.
      2. The Commission shall consist of thirteen (13) residents of the Franklinton area selected according to election procedures adopted by the FAC and seven (7) individuals, chosen from those agencies, businesses or organizations with a purpose, function or business interest located in the Franklinton area.
      3. All terms shall be for a period three (3) years.
      4. All members shall serve without compensation.
      5. Vacancies caused by resignation, death, or otherwise shall be filled for the un-expired term by the FAC Chair, with approval of a majority of FAC members.
      6. No resident commissioner may be reappointed to two consecutive terms after twice failing to submit the required petitions. For election procedures, see Article V, Section 5, Subsection (E)(c).
      7. All members shall be required to attend a training class that will be provided by the City of Columbus.
      8. All area commissioners must be appointed by the Mayor with the concurrence of Columbus City Council. Compliance with Columbus City Code 3109.08, 3109.10 and/or 3109.12 must be satisfied in order to participate as an area commissioner.
    1. Article III - Officers

      Section 1

      1. The officers of the FAC shall be a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer.
      2. The officers of the FAC shall be elected by the membership of the FAC at the January meeting. To ensure a smooth transition both new and old officers will put together the agenda for the February meeting. Incoming officers shall begin duties beginning February 1.

      Section 2 - Officer Duties

      1. The Chairperson shall:
        1. Be a Franklinton resident.
        2. Preside at all meetings of the FAC.
        3. Serve as Ex-officio member of all committees.
        4. Perform such duties as are necessary as prescribed by these Rules of Procedure and adopted Parliamentary Authority.
        5. Prepare meeting agenda.
      2. The Vice-Chairperson shall:
        1. Perform said duties of the Chairperson in the absence of the Chairperson.
        2. Perform such duties of the Chairperson as the Chairperson may from time to time delegate.
        3. Participate as a member of the Planning Committee.
      3. The Secretary shall:
        1. Call the roll at each meeting and maintains a permanent written record of it.
        2. Maintain a permanent written record of all action by the FAC and related committees.
        3. Maintain a permanent file of all correspondence of the FAC.
        4. Maintain a permanent written record of the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of FAC members.
      4. The Treasurer shall:
        1. Have oversight of all FAC funds.
        2. Monitor the financial operations and financial condition of the FAC.
        3. Cause all financial records of the FAC to be maintained and reported to the FAC at each regular meeting, and to the City of Columbus as required.
        4. Be chairperson of the Finance Committee.
        5. Be responsible for assuring that sound financial practices are maintained.
        6. Perform any other duties the FAC may require.

      Section 3 - Term Limits

      Elected Officers may serve a maximum of three consecutive terms. These term limits shall not apply to the position of Secretary.

      1. Article IV - Meetings

        Section 1 - Regular Meeting

        The regular meeting of the FAC shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified by a vote of a majority of all members.

          Section 2 - Special Meetings

          Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson, by a majority of those members present at any meeting, or by five (5) members. The person or persons calling a special meeting shall give written notice of the special meeting, its time, date, location, and agenda, to all members at least three (3) days prior to such meeting.

            Section 3 - Quorum

            Eleven (11) current members shall constitute a quorum for all meetings of the FAC.

              Section 4 - Order of Business

              The order of business for meetings of FAC shall be as follows:

              1. Take the Roll.
              2. Minutes of the previous meeting.
              3. Reports of standing committees.
              4. Reports of special committees.
              5. Unfinished business.
              6. New business.
              7. Comments by members.
              8. Comments by other persons present.

              Section 5 - Agenda

              The agenda for each regular meeting shall set forth all matters for discussion. When possible, all matters for the agenda, including minutes and committee reports shall be submitted in writing to the Chairperson at least seven (7) days prior to a meeting. When possible, the Chair shall send all members a notice of the meeting including the agenda, minutes and committee reports at least 5 days prior to the FAC meeting.

                Section 6 - Discussion Limitation

                Persons present at meetings who are not members shall have the right to participate in discussions of matters for consideration by FAC and the Chairperson shall recognize them for that purpose. The Chairperson shall determine limitation of discussion.

                  Section 7 - Time Limit

                  When guests are invited to speak to the Commission, time will generally be limited to fifteen (15) minutes, or at the discretion of the Chairperson.

                    Section 8 - Robert’s Rules of Order

                    The rules contained in the Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern meetings where applicable and where not inconsistent with the Rules of Procedure adopted herein, or any special rule the FAC may adopt.

                      Section 9 - Open Meetings

                      All meetings of the FAC including meetings of the committees shall be open to the public. In addition, all records and recorded material shall be available for inspection by any person at the Franklinton Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library during regular business hours.

                        Section 10 - FAC Meeting Time Limit

                        Commission meetings shall be limited to not more than two (2) hours unless deemed appropriate and approved by a majority of the Commission members present.

                        1. Article V - Committees

                          The various functions carried out by any respective sub-committee to the FAC may include, but not be limited to, the following:

                          1. Study the problems and needs of the Franklinton area, bring the problems and needs to the attention of proper government agencies or the citizens of the Franklinton area, and recommend solutions.
                          2. Determine the need for and recommend to City Council or any other government body any needed legislation affecting the Franklinton area.
                          3. Provide a communication mechanism within the Franklinton area and to City Government through:
                            1. Holding regular and special meetings open to the public.
                            2. Conducting public hearings on problems or issues confronting the Franklinton area.
                            3. Sponsoring public forums on a periodic or as needed basis to provide an opportunity for Franklinton area residents to air problems or concerns.
                          4. Solicit all segments of the community including organizations, institutions, and government.
                          5. Establish structures and techniques for preserving and restoring the historical significance of the buildings and land in the Franklinton area.

                          Section 1

                          The Chairperson shall make appointments of members to committees.

                            Section 2

                            Appointment of persons, not members of the FAC, to committees shall be made by the FAC Chairperson from recommendations made by members of the FAC. All committee members have voting privileges within their committees.

                              Section 3

                              Committee members serve at the pleasure of the FAC Chairperson.

                                Section 4

                                The members of each committee shall elect a Committee Chairperson and Secretary from members of the FAC sitting on the respective committees.

                                  Section 5

                                  The present standing committees and their responsibilities are:

                                  1. Executive Committee:
                                    1. Consist of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Chairpersons of any standing committee.
                                    2. Plan the direction and scope of the FAC.
                                    3. Recommend potential candidates to fill any vacancy on the FAC. Following recommendation by the FAC Chairperson, candidates may be elected by a majority of the Commission.
                                  2. Planning Committee:
                                    1. Review area plans and makes recommendations concerning them.
                                    2. Address health, sanitation, safety, traffic, zoning, building and housing issues in the Franklinton area and make recommendations concerning related codes, as they pertain to area plans.
                                    3. Examine historical significance of the area and make recommendations concerning the same.
                                    4. In consultation with the City of Columbus, review flood control measures and other storm related problems, specifically including the adequacy of the West Columbus Flood Protection Plan, storm sewers, and sanitary sewers, and make recommendations concerning the same.
                                  3. Housing Committee:
                                    1. To foster relationships between public, private, and nonprofit sectors for the betterment of housing for all Franklinton residents.
                                    2. Review housing and development projects.
                                    3. Field housing concerns from Franklinton residents.
                                    4. Leverage development to stabilize housing for all Franklinton residents.
                                  4. Zoning Committee:
                                    1. Receive, review, and make recommendations concerning applications for rezoning, zoning variances, and special permits for property located in the area.
                                    2. Receive and review all demolition permits for property in the Franklinton area.
                                    3. The FAC shall consider zoning cases that have been received by the zoning Chair at least 14 calendar days prior to the FAC meeting. Cases received less than 14 days ahead will be heard at the next FAC meeting.
                                    4. Commissioners shall be notified by the Zoning Chair of upcoming zoning cases no less than 12 days before a FAC meeting.
                                    5. The Zoning Committee Chair shall notify or make reasonable attempts to notify all property owners within 125 feet of the property in question prior to the FAC meeting where the case will be heard. All such owners are listed on the attachment to the zoning application.
                                    6. The Zoning Chair must state that all procedures, including proper notification to FAC members, adjacent property owners, time deadlines and other procedures outlined in these Bylaws and defined by the City of Columbus have been followed, before a vote is taken.
                                  5. Election Committee and Election Procedure:
                                    1. Membership shall be limited to members whose terms do not expire at time of election.
                                    2. Member Organizations shall only be elected or re-elected following a recommendation from a commissioner and majority vote by the FAC.
                                    3. Petitions will be available at the Franklinton Library from June 1st to July 31st. Petitions will be due the first Tuesday in August.
                                    4. A notice of the availability of petitions shall be given at the June meeting and published in available media.
                                    5. Candidates must be 18 or over and a current resident of Franklinton.
                                    6. Signers of the petitions must be age 18 or over, and a resident of Franklinton.
                                    7. 25 or more names on the petition must be valid for a candidate to be put on the ballot.
                                    8. If the number of candidates who submit petitions exceeds the number of expiring resident member terms, an election will be held.
                                    9. The Election Committee shall present the rules of election to the FAC for approval at the August FAC meeting. The decision of the election committee shall be final in deciding any election result that has been challenged.
                                    10. Election Rules:
                                      1. The election shall take place at the Franklinton Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library annually prior to September 30.
                                      2. Public elections may be conducted by secret ballot.
                                      3. The Commission shall certify election results annually prior to September 30 at a regular full Commission meeting.
                                      4. Area commissions shall elect all appointed, at-large or other seats annually prior to September 30 at a regular full Commission meeting.
                                      5. In the case of a vacancy, the commission may nominate one (1) or more candidates to fill the vacancy caused by death, resignation or disqualification, or other means for the remainder of the unexpired term. Area commissioners appointed in this manner are subject to approval by the Mayor with the concurrence of Columbus City Council.
                                      6. All elected and appointed area commissioners shall complete the area commission appointment / code of conduct form and return the completed form to the Department of Neighborhoods. All forms shall be signed by the Commission chairperson and submitted to the Department of Neighborhoods annually prior to September 30.
                                      7. No election procedure shall be scheduled if the number of candidates is less than or equal to the number of elected commissioners with expiring terms.
                                      8. No write in candidates shall be allowed.
                                      9. No elector shall cast more than one (1) ballot in an election. Elections shall be determined by plurality of vote if three (3) or more candidates vie for a single position, otherwise a majority of votes cast shall elect.
                                      10. Voters must be age 18 or over, a resident of Franklinton and show proof of residency, if unknown to FAC Election Official at registration desk.
                                      11. Area commissioners shall begin their term on January 1. Area commissioner appointments are subject to approval by the Mayor with the concurrence of Columbus City Council.
                                      12. Area commissioner terms shall end on December 31 in the year that their term expires.
                                      13. Area commissioners may not serve on more than one (1) area commission.
                                      14. The decision of the Election Committee shall be final in deciding any election result that has been challenged.
                                      15. Challenges to the Election Committee decision may be referred to the City Attorney.
                                  6. Community Services Committee:
                                    1. Review social, recreation, safety, and health services in the area and make recommendations concerning them.
                                    2. Review employment and education opportunities for residents of the area and make recommendations concerning them.
                                    3. Review consumer-business relations in the area and make recommendations concerning the same.
                                  7. Finance Committee:
                                    1. The FAC Chairperson shall appoint a Finance Committee each year.
                                    2. The Treasurer of the FAC shall be the Chair of this Committee.
                                    3. The Committee shall be responsible for the planning, monitoring, and evaluation of the FAC funding and financial management.
                                    4. The Committee shall recommend an annual budget for approval by the FAC at the January FAC meeting.
                                    5. The Committee shall perform such other duties as may be required by the FAC.

                                  Section 6

                                  Additional committees may be established for specific purposes by a vote of a majority of the members present at any meeting.

                                  1. Article VI - Control Over Actions of Members

                                    Section 1 - Authorized Representation

                                    No individual member of FAC shall take any action representing it to be an action of FAC or hold him/herself out as representing the FAC on any matter of policy or opinion unless that person is specifically authorized to do so by the FAC, the Code of Regulations, or a majority vote of the members present at a meeting of the FAC. Nothing in this action shall restrict or prohibit any member at any time from taking any action or making any representation as his or her won, regardless of its possible conflict with an action of FAC. Nothing in this section shall restrict or prohibit any FAC member from exercising any of the freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

                                      Section 2 - Absences

                                      A member of the FAC may lose their seat due to absences under the following circumstances:

                                      1. If a Resident member has three or more absences from regularly scheduled FAC meetings in any calendar year (Beginning each year with the month of January), the Secretary shall bring said absences to the attention of the FAC at which time said member may be removed or retained by a majority vote.
                                      2. If a Member Organization has three or more absences from regularly scheduled FAC meetings in any calendar year (Beginning each year with the month of January), the Secretary shall bring said absences to the attention of the FAC at which time said organization may be removed or retained by a majority vote. An appointee or proxy may represent member Organizations.

                                      Section 3 - Resignations

                                      Members of the FAC may resign in the following manners:

                                      1. Written resignation submitted to the FAC Chair.
                                      2. Verbal resignation followed by a non-attendance at the next scheduled meeting.
                                    1. Article VII - Amendments

                                      These provisions may be amended at any regular meeting of the FAC by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the members, provided, however, that such amendment was submitted in writing and read at the previous meeting of the FAC.

                                      Adopted October 13, 2020

                                      Jacqueline Miles, Chairperson, Franklinton Area Commission
                                      Jacqueline Miles, Chairperson, Franklinton Area Commission


                                      133 N. Princeton Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43222